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Live from the Sleep Inn and Conference Center in Minot.

Free plug Friday! Tell us about a great event, business or recreation activity that the Northern Plains needs to know about!

Friday Free For All. Ask Scott anything. Give us your best shot!!

Plus we’ll tackle the hot topics in the news including whether North Dakota’s Open Meeting Laws need an overhaul. Attorney General Wayne Stenjhem takes your calls on that topic.

Three affiliated tribes crying wolf over oil tax changes

Committee calls for $3.4 million cut to new Fargo City Hall

Diversion supporters say delay could cost taxpayers millions

North Dakota lawmakers still no closer to session decision

Public hearing on Dakota Access Pipeline set

2015 Cowboy Hall of Fame inductees named

Nearly billions spent on Social Security payments to people who have passed away

Grand jury indicts Baltimore police in death of Freddie Gray

Cleanup of oil-fouled California beach enters fourth day

University of Texas Professor says, “Americans can’t handle gun ownership.”

Teacher allegedly stomped on the flag and told his students it was his right to do so

Walmart expands plan to employ vets, aims to hire 250K by 2020

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