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9:06 Open Phones
10 AM As requested from our listeners, a discussion on problems in the beekeeping industry with someone who has done it for over 60 years, Dale Bauer from Minnesota.

Forum reports on ND wildlife in trouble. Some North Dakota species have experienced decline in recent years. At a time of unprecedented pressures as varied as intensive energy development and plummeting conservation acreage, will susceptible wildlife species be able to rebound from inevitable stresses, such as severe winters or droughts? What Has Hurt ND Wildlife More: Oil Development, Or Harsh Winters And High Crop Prices? What do you say?

ND attorney general: Health plans fail to comply with federal law

Opponents of homeless complex in Moorhead say concerns unheard

Canadian Pacific Railway under pressure for 2013 delays

O’Reilly, Miller bring laughs, commentary to Fargo Civic Center

Gaza War Rages Despite Hamas, Israel Truce Pledges. Netanyahu says Hamas violating its own cease-fire. TURKEY TO SEND GAZA FLOTILLA.

Obama May Give Millions of Illegals Work Status. Amnesty & work permits for 5 million could be ordered ‘within weeks’. Visa overstays to be excused. Violent MS-13 gang recruiting at Arizona facility. Children crossing border: “Obama will take care of us”

Federal judge rules DC ban on handguns unconstitutional

North Dakota wildlife workers to reimburse bogus payments

Bismarck Tribune: ND employment expected to stabilize

State legislators lash out at MN Vikings owner in open letter over Kluwe flap, tell Wilf suspension of Priefer is inadequate, want full investigation releases

Railcar maker says two-year timeline is aggressive, can be done

Paddling against the Sandpiper: Group canoes in protest in Minnesota against Enbridge pipeline

SAB: North Dakota Pro-Abortion Group Is Afraid Of A Little Debate

In North Dakota, Flaring Is Higher Under Obama’s Jurisdiction Than The State’s Officials float options to improve Clay County Jail’s overcrowding

CNN POLL: Americans wish they’d elected Romney.

First lady Michelle Obama: 2014 election key, says Democrats need to take this year’s midterms more seriously than they did either of he husband’s presidential elections.

US evacuates embassy in Tripoli, Libya, because of ongoing violence, GOP blames Obama Admin for violence

Federal Government Is Cracking Down on School Bake Sales. States are trying to circumvent federal nutrition standards that would limit sugary foods at school fundraisers.

Heitkamp launches website for Native American veterans

Paid parental leave becoming less common

Tentative deal reached on VA reform

6 companies own 90% of media consumed by Americans

House Democrats suggest Obama impeachment is imminent to raise cash

Two Americans in Africa contract Ebola.

Hillary Clinton calls for political compromise

GOP Leaders seeks ways to show Republicans are compassionate

Obama Wants To Punish Corporations For Behaving Rationally

Taliban fighters scoring new wins in Afghanistan.

‘Pocket drones’: Army developing tiny spies for next big war.

Russia Steps Up Help for Rebels in Ukraine War

Madeline Albright, former Secy of State under Bill Clinton: ‘The World Is a Mess’

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