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Scott Hennen live from Statoil in Williston 8:30 to 11 am
9:06 Open Phones
9:30 Williston Mayor Howard Klug on how things are going in the capitol of the oil boom
10:06 Open Phones
10:30 Mark Gjovig & John Seil of Go Wireline which offers cased-hole wireline services including logging, perforating, tubing-conveyed perforating, pipe recovery, mechanical services and more to the oil patch.

AHEAD.. Tuesday 10/21: First International Bank – Watford City, Wednesday 10/22: ND Association of Counties – Williston, Thursday 10/23 A debate on Measure 3 which would
abolish the ND Board of Higher Education, Friday 10/24:Cupcakes for Life – Shanley, Tuesday 10/28: EERC – Grand Forks, Thursday 10/30: WIYT – Jamestown

Measure 7’s effect on ND drug prices remains unclear

Poll: Oil Patch lacks state aid

Kat Perkins’ song makes first round for Grammy nomination

SAB Poll: 70 Percent Think North Dakota Is On The Right Track

ND Lawmakers Push Pledge Including Effort To Reduce/Eliminate Income Taxes

Poll: 42 percent strongly oppose same-sex marriage in ND

Obama’s Ebola czar under fire

NDSU’s security cameras shrouded in secrecy

Grand Forks company develops potential treatment for Ebola

Parents of dead Marine seek stronger procedures for ‘sober bus’ services

ND ranch expands into agritourism to accommodate next generation

Obama makes rare campaign trail appearance, people leave early

US Humanitarian Aid Going to ISIS.

Poll: ND mellow on medical marijuana

MILITARY PREPS TEAM FOR EBOLA RESPONSE IN USA. Hospitals set for panic as flu season looms. NYT MONDAY: PARANOIA DANGERS. Researchers try to quell fears. Dallas Ebola nurse lawyers up. US Soldiers WON’T Get Protective Hazmat Suits for Mission in W Africa. GOP rips no flight ban

Fargo police chief says there is ‘legitimacy’ to some employees’ unhappiness

Strategy for selecting new UND nickname still in development

North Dakota’s constitutional trust funds balloon in oil boom

Controversy brews as voters prepare to vote on ballot issues

Candidates for ag commissioner on board with pipeline inspections

Capitol Cafe reopening today

Obama will do everything in his power to avoid letting Congress vote on any Iran nuke treaty.

Property taxes at top of list for tax commissioner candidates

Wind Power States, Including ND, See Highest Inceases In Power Prices

Railroad company sues Enderlin for ordinance targeting trains blocking roads

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