Scott Hennen is Chairman of the Common Sense Club, a daily Tea Party townhall gathering of listeners and on-line viewers who want to help restore our Republic. Join the legions of Freedom loving, Constitution worshiping, God-fearing people that are letting their voices be heard.

You’re invited to join the club by sharing your opinions everyday. How? Easy…

1. Pick up the phone and call the ScottLine 24/7 at 855-200-1776.

2. Sound off in the ScottSoapBox. Answer our questions of the day, ask our guests your questions and weigh in on the hot topics at www.scotthennen.com

3. Send us a ScottMail: Click Here to Email

Broadcasting from the “Island of Prosperity” known as North Dakota with the fastest job growth and lowest unemployment in the USA. North Dakota has what the nation needs: Common sense guiding principals that less government, lower taxes and reasonable regulation are the path to prosperity. Let’s talk about it and get to work to save America!

Scott Hennen has been named a Talkers Magazine TOP-100 Talk Show Host in America. You’ve heard him guest-hosting for Sean Hannity and Jason Lewis. The Wall Street Journal called him “The Rush Limbaugh of the Prairie”. Now hear Scott Hennen on a radio statio near you on GCNLive.com.

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