Scott Hennen is the President and CEO of Freedom Force Communications and host of The Scott Hennen Show. He is the Chairman of the Common Sense Club, and is a regular guest on MSNBC cable television news. He has interviewed thousands of newsmakers including Presidents Carter, Clinton and Bush 41 and 43. Vice President Dick Cheney is a regular guest on his show. He has been honored with several invites to the White House and the Oval Office. His program, The Scott Hennen Show, features an all-new listener interactive brand called “The Common Sense Club,” plus several digital offerings including a daily TV webcast.


Former Vice President Dick Cheney: “Scott Hennen understands the dangers facing America today. He knows that American renewal is coming—not from its politicians and pundits, but from its people, from the grass roots. Scott’s book Grass Roots: “A Commonsense Action Agenda for America” gives ‘We the People’ the insights and practical tools to restore American greatness and goodness. If you love America, if you love liberty, this book should be at the top of your reading list.”

Representative Michele Bachmann: “Few radio hosts are more in tune with their audience than Scott Hennen. He represents the tried and true, commonsense principles of our founding, and is a passionate defender of our Constitution. He is the voice of today’s Tea Party Patriots and the embodiment of America’s grassroots activists. This book is a must-read for every freedom-loving American.”

Senator Rick Santorum: “I’ve had the pleasure of appearing on Scott’s show numerous times over the years. With each interview, I’ve seen two things: he has a command of the issues (unlike many of his peers); and he has an ability to connect with his guests and listeners that is second to none. I’ve seen the commitment Scott has on his radio show to discussing the tough issues in a thoughtful and engaging way. That same commitment is the recipe for making his new book a must-read for anyone concerned about the future of this country.”

Former White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card: “Scott Hennen celebrates our Constitution every day. Educating, inviting, and motivating people in the Heartland of America to speak up, to assemble to the cause, and to petition the government to address grievances. Our government belongs to the people and Scott makes sure the powerful in our nation’s capital don’t forget it.

“I’ve had the privilege of being on Scott’s radio program many times. We sat at microphones across from each other at the White House. Scott has frequently had me talk with his listeners by phone. And yes, I have been an on-air guest in his Great Plains studio. With common sense, his listeners challenge and engage their government. Does it make a difference? Absolutely! Grass Roots activism is the conscience of the politician and a dose of reality to the bureaucrat.”

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