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Help Patricia

The mother of one of our friends, JT Dietrich, lives in Rockaway Park in Queens. Her house was flooded and her car buried.  Some basic relief efforts have begun, but neither the Red Cross nor FEMA have arrived yet. There is no electricity and it is getting cold out and the situation for Patricia and her neighbors is becoming aggrivated.

JT’s mom, Patricia, is a 62-year old single lady who has lived in her house since the 1970’s. husband died in 1982 and she never remarried. Working in the post office and raising all 3 kids (JT included) she went check to check her whole life. They have emergency blankets and candles, but the financial need is for insurance deductibles and non-covered rebuilding costs of which there are many.

If you are looking for a way to help out with the storm clean-up, this would be a way to make a significant and personal impact on someone we know of who is in need. This is not going through a 501(c) corporation so would not be tax deductible.  If you wish to send a small donation to Patricia, you can click the donate button below or you can address a check to Patricia Dietrich and send it to her son (whose house was also flooded but has reliable mail service) to the following address:

Pat Dietrich

141 Beach 112th Street

Rockaway Park, NY, 11694

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