Published on March 13th, 2012 | by Scott Hennen


SHS Measure 2 Exclusive Coverage

See the interviews with the panel experts

For more information about Measure 2:
Keep it Local ND

For more information about Measure 2:
Empower the Taxpayer

  • flamemeister

    The main thing I took away from this discussion is how poorly the officials seemed to understand the implications inherent in Measure 2 being a Constitutional measure and what “fully and properly funded” means.  No, all questions cannot be definitely answered.  Doubtless much will have to be determined by the courts.  That is to be expected.  What the Constitution of the United States means is thrashed out in the courts to this very day.  Opponents of Measure 2 seem to think this measure, in order to be valid, should spring fully-formed from the head of Zeus.  Proponents of Measure 2 are far more realistic.

    P.S.—Huh? I swear I heard Ed Schafer say that local control doesn’t exist now, and then turn around and say that he didn’t want the government to take over control!

  • flamemeister

    The opponents’ case seemed to be all over the map, all the more so in comparison to the coherence of the case presented by the proponents.  The anti-M2 presentations added up to a portrait study in bureaucratic timidity and inertia.

  • sdlawrence

    Oh, Joel, that show of hands “polling” at the end was a cheap shot – a low blow to be sure.  That was not “the people”, nor was it a neutral venue. That crowed was packed with an anti-Measure 2 choir, and you knew it only too well.  That was disingenuous of you, shame on you.

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