Published on June 11th, 2012 | by Scott Hennen


Measure 3: necessary insurance

In order to protect your home from the rising waters that often accompany the spring, you should purchase flood insurance.

In order to preserve your religious liberties from the encroachment of rogue courts and a decaying culture, you should vote for Measure 3.

Consider it “faith insurance.” Counter to the scare-tactics and hysteria you hear from the opponents, Measure 3 simply restores religious rights that the Supreme Court removed in 1990. Our neighbors in Minnesota and Montana have it, along with 29 other states. It will not allow unspeakable crimes to go unpunished under the protective ambiguity of religious freedom. It is not part of a “national Catholic agenda,” but was actually put forward by the North Dakota Family Alliance, a Christian-based, non-denominational nonprofit organization.

And yes, we do need it.

Look no further than the recent outcry from its opponents, who claim that clergy using their pulpits to speak out in favor of the bill are guilty of “indoctrinating” their congregations. This manufactured outrage is precisely why this bill is necessary; we need to protect our religious freedoms from those who wish to silence the voices of religious authority. And the most appropriate place to learn about how these rights are being threatened is in a church. After all, what should be the role of our places of worship, if not to educate its members on issues of great religious significance?

When a group of leading religious-liberty scholars reviewed Measure 3, they concluded it would provide “… invaluable tools for promoting justice and freedom for citizens.” That’s because Measure 3 must satisfy the compelling interest test, which simply means any fringe group that attempts to mask abhorrent behavior (child abuse is a favorite scare tactic) in the name of religious freedom would need a new law to be enacted that passes that test.

Thirty-one states have very similar protections. And have you read any horror story where some overzealous fanatic abused the spirit of the law to commit an atrocity? Of course not. Yet opponents of Measure 3 are alleging the bill would legalize everything from vampirism (you read correctly) to abortion clinic bombings. North Dakota voters won’t fall for these scare tactics.

What’s more, Measure 3 gives us security for what could be lurking in the future. What we’re witnessing here is a bellwether battle in the war for our culture. Non-believers and their political allies are seeking dominion over every inch of the public square, and since they don’t agree with what certain religious institutions (like the Catholic Church) say on issues of morality, they want to silence them. Measure 3 ensures that those religious liberties that we enjoy – rights that were bestowed by the Creator and enshrined in the Constitution by our founding fathers – remain intact, regardless of the prevailing political or cultural whims.

I want faith protection just like I want flood protection. Vote “yes” on Measure 3.

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