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Scott Hennen talks “Grassroots” with Davis & Emmer in the Morning

Senator Rick Santorum on his endorsement of “Grassroots”, and an update on his Presidential bid

Former ND GOP Chairman Gary Emineth talks about his role in Scott’s new book, “Grassroots”

Another Grassroots Patriot: Leon Francis on the Scott Hennen Show

Rob Port interviews Scott Hennen about his new book, “Grassroots”

Radio host Scott Hennen writes book (Inforum)

Radio host Scott Hennen talks books (Politico)

Tom Emmer interviews Scott Hennen about his book Grass Roots
Scott Hennen interviewed by Jim Bohannon about “Grass Roots”
Ed Morrissey of Hot Air interviews Scott Hennen about his book “Grass Roots”
Scott Hennen interviewed about his book “Grass Roots” by Michelle Tafoya WCCO Radio
Peter Ferrara, author of “America’s Ticking Bankruptcy Bomb”, featured in Scott’s book “Grass Roots”
Eugene Graner 7-11-11 of Heartland Investor Services on the debt limit battle and his role in Scott’s book “Grass Roots”
Karl Rove former senior advisor to President Bush talks politics and writing the forward for Scott’s new book “Grass Roots”
Becky Skogen tea party activist featured in Scott’s book “Grass Roots”
Congresswoman Michele Bachmann on her role in Scott’s new book “Grass Roots”, her presidential run, Tim Pawlenty and the debt limit battle
Rusty Ouart, tea partier and injured Iraq war veteran featured in Scott’s book “Grass Roots’
Julie Liffrig tea partier who’s story of attending a Senator Conrad townhall is chronicled in Scott’s book “Grass Roots”
America’s Morning News’s John McCaslin and Dana Mills interview Scott Hennen about his new book “Grass Roots”
Lars Larson interviews Scott Hennen on his new book “Grass Roots”
Mark Pfeifle former Bush Adminstration official featured on Scott’s book “Grass Roots”
Leon Francis tea partier who is featured in Scott’s new book “Grass Roots”

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