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Jeb Bush and Chris Christie on Obama going negative, Big Bird and VP debate prediction

Jeb Bush Scott Hennen Show interview 10/9/12

QUESTION: Does he see evidence the race is shifting in Mitt Romney’s favor?

JEB BUSH: The debate was a game changer to use a now cliche, it was a game changer because unfiltered by the attacks ads Mitt Romney had a chance to actually say what he believed and he did it in a great way. I mean it was, under a lot of pressure, I thought he gave a spectacular performance as a debater and connected well with people on an emotional level which has not been his strength and the President was lackluster at best and couldn’t defend the failed record. > I think the momentum swing back to what will ultimately likely be a very close race where intensity and turnout will matter. It was a phenomenal effort by Mitt Romney. I think when people saw that he’s not the kind of person that’s been painted by a massive amount of negative advertising, the people, independent voters, women voters, got a second look and they saw well this guy cares about me and he has a plan to restore economic vitality for our country which is by far and away the number one issue so you know 67 million people watching without the filter, if you have confidence in the American people, that’s a good thing and that’s exactly what happened.

QUESTION: Does he expect Obama campaign to go negative?

JEB BUSH: Absolutely. And the Big Bird thing is fantastic, I hope he continues to do that. First of all its funny and its nice to have people lighten up a little bit. Secondly, why should the federal government subsidize public broadcasting. I mean its not like its part of our national security or not like its something of importance. And Big Bird does pretty well independently. To have that argument is not a bad one. And thirdly, it reminds people of the debates, which if the whole campaign is going to be about that debate, then I think Romney wins going away. But I would expect the Obama campaign will be incredibly negative. I mean the idea that you can openly call someone a liar, now that’s kind of a common refrain, is an act of desperation. If he had a record to run on, if there was great accomplishments with the passage of the health care law or if  the stimulus was popular or if economic results were something that he could hang his hat on, then you’d probably see a different kind of approach but the only way President Obama wins is to say its not my fault and it could be worse and he will demonize Mitt Romney as best he can to create that kind of narrative.


Chris Christie interview Scott Hennen Show 10/9/12

QUESTION: When you predicted on Meet the Press the debate would turn the race around, did he think it would be this big?

CHRIS CHRISTIE: I didn’t think it would be that big, but I did think it would be absolutely changing the dynamic of the race. And here’s why, I don’t think much matters in a race like this until the two people get on the stage together and 50 to 60 Million Americans get to eyeball them and compare them side by side. We made that side by side comparison last Wednesday night and there was no doubt in almost any body’s but the most harsh, Democratic, partisan minds that Mitt Romney won that debate and gave people confidence as the challenger that he in fact could be an effective President of the United States.

QUESTION: The hand wringing before the this, why was Mitt Romney so different Wednesday night?

CHRIS CHRISTIE: I think there is some media filtering going that you are well aware of that everything Mitt Romney says has to go through. But I think the other thing is lets face it, this a guy who every moment in this campaign when had his back to the wall, has responded. When Newt Gingrich beat him in South Carolina, he responded and he did that debate in Florida where he just wiped the floor with Gingrich. When Perry entered the race late in the summer and threatened to be the front runner in the race and displace Mitt Romney, Mitt Romney went to a debate in New Hampshire and cleaned the floor with Rick Perry. When this guy has his back to the wall and a debate coming up, he has a great performance within him. And now the challenge has got to be, alright this thing could turn right back the other way with an unsuccessful performance on the 16th of October so we need Governor Romney to continue to be himself, continue to feel that strength and energy and focus and if he does, I think he will be the next President.

QUESTION: VP Debate Prediction?

CHRIS CHRISTIE: I don’t think I am going to make any more predictions. What I can tell you for sure though is this, that Paul Ryan as you know, is incredibly bright, very articulate, very talented public servant, so I am sure he will do just fine on Thursday night. The fact is he is debating a guy who has been debating on the floor of the Senate for the better part of 40 years and you know God love him, Joe Biden, he could make a mistake, he’s been known to do that before but I think as Republicans we can’t count on that and we’ve got to be ready to take him on head on. He’s got a lot of work to clean up that the President left for him last Wednesday night.

QUESTION: Does he expect Obama to go negative, to unleash Chicago dirty politics on the Romney camp because of the way the race has changed?

CHRIS CHRISTIE: I think the Romney team has to be ready for anything now. They are obviously now a very legitimate threat against the President and his team keeping power in Washington, DC and I think this campaign meaning the Obama campaign will respond in a very serious and very aggressive way. What they do, I obviously have no idea but I think you can assume that this will not be a passive response, that this will be an aggressive response.

QUESTION: How should Mitt Romney respond?

CHRIS CHRISTIE: Mitt Romney should continue to be himself. I think that’s what you saw on Wednesday night. Good sense of humor, conversational and tough, and he was all those things on Wednesday night and I don’t think he should change a thing because you know what I’ve known him now for a number of years, that’s who he is. And if he is listening to anyone else, he shouldn’t, he should just go out there every opportunity he has between now and election day and let the American people see the real Mitt Romney. If they see the Mitt Romney as I have over the past number of years, then he is going to be elected the 45th President of the United States.

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