Published on April 19th, 2012 | by Scott Hennen



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You’ve heard the news: We’ve been blessed with an opportunity to return to the AM1100 The Flag airwaves! We’ve signed a purchase agreement and will begin programming the radio station in the coming weeks.

Listen to the announcement on the “We The People Show”
Here is our pledge: We’ll continue to be a voice for Faith, Family and Freedom.

With your help, we’ll be evaluating all of the current programming on the radio station. The listeners and advertisers who have supported AM 1100 The Flag are family to us; that’s why we want your input on all of the programming.

Fill out the form to the right and tell us what you want to hear. We welcome all suggestions!

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  • Mel Wahl

    Welcome back Scott!   Two suggestions for topics:

    1.  Education is key.  A well educated population will survive difficult times.
    2.  Social problems – honesty and integrity are character traits that many of our well educated leaders seem to lack.  America can survive a bad economy but it cannot survive a corrupt people.
     Mortgage crisis
    Fast and Furious
    Secret Service

  • Jerry

    Scott great to hear your back, now I can add 1100 the flag to my radio 
    again had to remove it when Ed S. came on.  Best wishes JB

  • Marty

    Keep Chris Berg and keep him in the 8-11 time slot.

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