Published on May 23rd, 2011 | by Scott Hennen


AUDIO: Scott Hennen Announces His Departure From AM1100 The Flag

Scott Hennen discusses the end of his relationship with AM1100 The Flag, and the new direction for the Scott Hennen Show:

  • Texasbondoo

    I like your show when you had it before–in the mornings when people are getting ready or traveling to work…or after work. Those are the times when my radio dial is tuned to you. The other times I’m busy with work and family and the radio is seldom on. Thank you for valuing my opinion. I’m also interested in receiving your updates and news through daily emails. I appreciate your positive attitude for embracing change. You display no bitterness or hatred, just a closed window but with expectations that God opens another door. God bless your efforts for our country. Sometimes the future of our country seems oh, so hopeless. But people like you and other straight shooting talk show hosts revive the hope that we need. Mary Bond

  • Anonymous

    Replaced by Ed Schultz… gotta be kidding!!!! The Flag just left my listening lineup!

  • wrestler420

    Exactly. Ed Frickin Schultz??????? 

    How are people going to keep their lunch down?  We go from Rush to that liberal bag of s**t.

    • FlyinnFarmer

      Couldn’t agree more,  I live in central ND and my reception from my “office” (tractor) is often very limited when it comes to The Flag.  I’ve always enjoyed the times when I can receive the station and having the opportunity to listen to conservative talk radio that reflects my opinion, contrasting the grab bag of KFGO garbage that gets rebroadcasted on KFYR.  Why Ed Schultz???? Seriously, if I want to listen to his side,  all I have to do is listen to Heitkamp or McFeely, they’ve got it covered!!  

  • Sonpart1

    I liked the morning show as well. Afternoons are to busy with work and all. Especially enjoy the interviews and updates about the political world and the oil and energy business in North Dakota. Can’t believe 1100 am replaced you with Ed Schultz. WOW! That tells me something about them.

  • Meza

    I think I am done with the flag as well. Podcasts are the way for me.

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