Published on June 7th, 2011 | by Scott Hennen


Does Congressman Rick Berg’s Support for the Paul Ryan Budget Hurt him Politically? Congressman Paul Ryan Responds.

Congressman Paul Ryan (R, WI) on the Scott Hennen Show (6/6/11):

Scott Hennen: “What do you say to folks that think Rick Berg is going to be in trouble because of his support for your budget or your plan?”

Congressman Paul Ryan: “I say, “horse hockey.” Look, Rick Berg knows this issue. He knows the truth on this issue, and I have no doubt in my mind whatsoever that he can handle with this. More to the point: we upper Midwesterners don’t take kindly to “Medi- Scare” and scaring senior citizens. More to the point: I think that senior citizens see through this stuff, and I don’t worry about this at all in the least of it. Again, once people realize that it’s Obamacare that ends Medicare as we know it- and we restore the program for current seniors, and save it for the next generation- I think a person like Rick Berg-who’s doing the right thing, who stepped up to actually lead, and to put a solution out there to save this country from a debt crisis -I think people will reward him for having done that. What’s interesting is, those who run these ads aren’t offering any solutions; they’re just trying to scare senior citizens. And look, we’ve seen this before, and I just don’t think they’re going to work.”

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