Published on May 16th, 2011 | by Scott Hennen


Over Time, Cost Of State Property Tax Relief Will Go Up, Governor Dalrymple Says

BISMARCK, ND – Characterizing the recently adjourned 2011 legislative session as “outstanding,” North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple praised a 500 million dollar package of tax cuts passed at the conclusion of the session as an “incredible breakthrough” for the state’s taxpayers. Even so, property taxes will increase over time, the Governor conceded.

Appearing on the Scott Hennen Show yesterday, Governor Dalrymple described the legislature’s property tax relief structure as a “buying down” of school mil levies. “We’re saying we will pick up up to 75 mils of the local school district mil levy. That’s what gets us to this long-sought goal of 70% state support for state schools,” Dalrymple said.

“It’s a great commitment – a great place to be – but over time, the cost of that will go up,” Dalrymple said.


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